Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chilli Paneer Recipe - Dry Version

Chilli Paneer Recipe - Dry Version

I am an addictive personality of paneer. *smile* I knew it has high protein and fat in it but still can’t control eating it. :-D Very often I make paneer side-dishes for chapathis. TH loves Kadai paneer so much and I wanted to make some different out of paneer. Last week we had chilli chicken in the nearby Indian restaurant and it was awesome. I wanted to make it at home. I had some left over paneer cubes in my fridge, so replaced chicken with paneer *smile* This time we had with jeera rice instead with the usual chapathi *smile*

Preparation time: 15minutes(includes deep frying)
Cooking time: 7-10 minutes


1 cup paneer cubes
1 onion                
1 capsicum
1tsp chopped ginger
1 ½tsp chopped garlic
4- 5 green chillies
1tsp soy sauce
½ tsp tomato sauce
pinch of sugar
Few spring onions

 For the marinade

1tsp All purpose flour
1tsp corn flour
½ tsp ginger-garlic paste
½ tsp chilli powder
Oil – for frying

How to make it

  • Make a thick paste of the flours along with some water. 

  • Marinate the paneer cubes in the paste and deep fry it. Drain excess oil with a kitchen towel.

  • Cube the onions and capsicum. Silt green chillies and finely chop garlic and ginger.
  • In a pan heat oil and add sugar. once it turns light brown in color add the onion cubes. Add garlic and ginger. Sauté it well.
  • Then add green chillies and capsicum. Don’t close with the lid. Cook in high flame for 3-5 mins.

  • Once capsicum cooks soft add soy sauce, chilli sauce, tomato sauce and salt. Mix well.
  • Now add the deep-fried paneer cubes and coat evenly.

  • Garnish with spring onions and transfer to a serving bowl.
  • Enjoy hot with roti/naan/rice.