Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Ever Award - Liebster Award

What will do wen u see a message telling that you have been nominated for an award on the first day of New Year? Excited??!! Yes I just received the message from Kat of “My tasty Adventures” that I have been nominated for “Leibster Award”. First I would like to thank Kat of “My tasty Adventures” for nominating me for this award and you made my day … thank you so much.

I was confused on seeing the note; wat is this award all about? Then I found, it is an award given to new bloggers and to appreciate them by discovering the new blogs (the tagline says that)… this award is given to new bloggers who has less than 300 followers...This is a good idea for appreciating the good work and a start-up point for the new bloggers to get to know others bloggers and to expand their followers.

What do u need to do when u receive the award?
  1. Pass the award to others by nominating about 5-10 new bloggers who has less than 300 followers.
  2. Add the award logo in ur blog post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  4. Answer the question asked by the blogger.
  5. Frame 10 questions for ur nominees.  
  6. Notify ur nominees by sending them a comment.

Here are the few questions from Kat of “My tasty Adventures” for me…

1. Do you make New Year’s resolutions and if yes do you stick with them?

Yes I do make New Year resolution and the resolution continues for the next year too. This makes my answer for the next question... J  

2. What was your inspiration in creating the blog?
My husband!!! He is the only person to appreciate me in doing this job perfectly.

3. Chocolate or vanilla?
Not both!!! Weird? Yes am not at all a fan of sweets…

4. Do you make grocery shopping list?
Yes!!! I always used to write down full list in the beginning of every month.

5. Choose one word that would best describe you?
Perfectionist... I heard many of my friends and family telling this to me.

6. Food that you would NEVER be able to give up?
Biryani!!! Ahha what else I can say J

7. What do you like to do in your free time?
Trying out new recipe, taking photographs and to blog them up.

8. Your favorite celebrity chef?
Gordon Ramsay, the best chef in the world I can ever say… am going mad on him.

9. Food that you always have in your pantry?
I always fill my pantry with few packets of Maggie which helps me many of the time

10. One thing you cannot live without?
Obviously it’s FOOD!!!

Now it’s my turn to frame some questions for the nominees. Here it goes…

  • What was ur first Blog post? Why did u choose that?
  • Spicy foods or Sweets?
  • Which is ur favorite cuisine?
  • If ur supposed to cook in just 15mins what will u prefer doing?
  • How will u clean up the kitchen? Simultaneously, while cooking or after finishing all the works?
  • What is ur favorite cooking show u never missed to watch?
  • One thing u will never do in ur kitchen?
  • Pick one of this itmes that you always need in ur pantry?

Ø  Food processor
Ø  Mixer
Ø  Knife set
Ø  Skillet
Ø  Microwave
  •             What is ur best dish you ever made?
  •             The first thing you grab as soon as u enters a grocery shop?

And the nominees are

I would like to thank Kat of “My tasty Adventures” again for nominating this award and Congratulations for the nominees and keep the good work.