Monday, April 29, 2013

How to make soft chapathis

Making a chapathi may not a big deal for the North Indians, but for the South Indians as like me bug to make chapathis…. Woooofff :( after so many trial and errors amma learned how to make soft chapathis and I very easily copied from her*smile* . But, still I hit my head for not making a perfect round-shaped rotis. Somewhere are other I ll go wrong in rolling the dough. In my in-laws place I ll take the job of fluffing the rotis and skip the rolling part!! He he :-D here in US am stuck with doing the two process and I used to make different shaped rotis, either a triangle one or a zig-zag version chapathis. But I never missed out to turn the chapathi soft. Mine will always turn into a soft rotis… probably cos of my amma’s training. ;;)
I always use olive oil while mixing the dough and avoid adding oil at the end. Some like the chapathis coated with ghee on top. Serve as per ur wish *smile*


1 cup wheat flour
½ cup warm water
Pinch of salt
1tbsp oil
Some flour for dusting


  • In a large mixing bowl mix the flour with salt and oil. Gradually add the warm water to the flour and make like soft dough. Make sure the dough is not sticky. You may need more or less water. It depends on the flour ur using. I use to cover the dough with a wet, clean muslin cloth till using. This will not allow the dough to get dried easily.

  • Equally split the dough and make small round balls out of it. Roll out the balls into round shapes using a rolling pin as shown in the picture.

  • Heat the tawa, grease with little oil. Place the rolled dough to the heated tawa. Allow it to stay for 1 minute or until u see small brown spots on it.
  • Then turn to the other side and fluff with a small towel or use the ladle and gently press it.

The Smiling Chapathi :)