Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mysore Pak Recipe | Krishna Sweets Style Recipe

Hey all… I hope all are doing good… yeah I know, it’s been a long time since I posted my last blog post. Past two weeks I was really very busy to concentrate on my family and other stuffs… and I rarely get time to see my page… I was really pissed off about the things going on around me and hope it gets better as days goes on…
Let’s not bother about that now… I have few good reasons to share with you all… I started up writing posts on a very good valentine’s day and today our blog is turning up with its 1st birthday… and hence I thought of sharing a traditional Indian sweet recipe to share with… so far I have shared about 150 recipes in my blog and am so thankful and great for the support and feedback am getting from… keep up the good work and it encourages me in proceeding with the next ventures…

Now coming to the recipe, Mysore Pak… am not a great fan of this so called yum-sum Mysore Pak… since I hate to have gram flour in my foods. As u all knew the name came from the place which it comes from. It was created by a chef in Mysore palace and hence it is also called as “Royal Sweet”… (Source: Wiki). Later Krishna Sweets became very popular on their own version of Mysore Pak all over the world. The recipe am sharing here is exactly the way how Krishna Sweets make their own version of mysore pak.

A good friend of mine insisted me to try this recipe for a very long time and the right time comes to share this Indian traditional sweet in my blog.

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 15-20 mins

Monday, February 3, 2014

Creme Brulee | How to make Creme Brulee at home without Torch

This is another milestone for Paru’s kitchen. I have started blogging up the recipes a year back and we are nearing the first anniversary in a week and today it’s time to post my 150th blog post. I am so happy to share this recipe.
I rarely make desserts at home, since we are not fond of the sweets and wanted to avoid it cos of the extra ponds we are getting of it. I and TH had gone mad on this Dessert recipe after tasting it in the Bacchanal buffet in Vegas… yes, its Crème brulee. First I wonder what the dessert all about is. Does it have fruit flavor or a stinky egg smell like that? To my wonder, I got mesmerized with the taste… ooww!! It was just melting in the mouth… and the glassy sugar coat on top makes the dessert more interesting.

The heavy cream blended with egg yolk forms the base for the dish. It tastes just like a custard. The glassy sugar coating makes the dish more interesting. For making this glassy coat it needs crème brulee torch, just to dissolve the sugar. But here am using a technique which doesn’t need a torch. Let’s move on to the recipe…