Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sambar Powder Recipe | How to make Sambar Powder | Home-Made Sambar Powder Recipe

Hey there!!! Hope you all are doing well. I know summer has started early and it is time to post few recipes which can be done during this season. Mostly we make use of this hot climate to prepare sun-dried goods. One among them is vadams and fryums. This time I made Sambar powder by myself at home. Generally I used to get it from amma and now I wanted to make it myself. So I got the proportions for a family of two. Amma make the powder in kilo’s since the consumption is more there and she utilize the mill which is near to my home. She used to dry the chillies and coriander seeds in the sun and fry that for a minute. After that she will give it to the mill and it does the job perfectly.

I used my hand mixer to dry powder the mixture and it came out well. So here is the recipe for making sambar powder handy. This powder can be used for making sambar and also can be used in certain gravies to get thick form of gravy and also in making sundals.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Restaurant-Style Chinese Noodle Recipe | Indo-Chinese Noodle Recipe | Easy Veg Chinese Noodles

Chinese items are something which I always crave to eat outside. Who else will not like??!! They are extremely delicious and in the same way they also use MSG and vinegar which is not recommended for health. I started making it at home and finalized with the recipe. I hope you all remember the Chicken fried Rice Recipe which I shared long before. The recipe is applicable for this too.

I used the sauces which are store bought and even the noodle pack from a local Chinese shop. The trick is to follow the pack instruction correctly to get the long no-mess noodle. I had given the hyperlink for the sauce I had used in the recipe. To give a special touch, I use Anaheim peppers and I loved the taste of it along with the noodle. Never allow the veggies to be soggy. Make sure the flame is high and the veggies remain crunchy. Also add enough of oil to avoid burning of the veggies and chillies in the bottom. A wide open wok will help to do the job best. You need real patience to chop the veggies, else chop them nicely in a chopper. Don’t start with the recipe, unless you are ready with the veggies. Hey there! Don’t forget to check my other Indo-chinese Recipes here

Preparation time: 15-20mins
Cooking time: 5-7 mins

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Broccoli Paratha Recipe

I must first apologize for my long absence and not being active in blogging. Had lots and lots of work scheduled for the whole month and badly gets time to relax. I had so much of recipe pending to be blogged and am sure I ll share those as soon as possible. Now coming to the recipe Broccoli Paratha is something new which am trying for the past few days. I generally don’t stuff vegetables inside chapathi. We (I and TH) don’t like the stuffed paratha. But nowadays felt bored to having the same usual chapathi and hitting head for the gravies to match up. Hence I tried Mixed Vegetable Paratha (recipe Coming Soon) and also this Broccoli Paratha.

This idea came up after making Broccoli rice. I, kind of minced the broccoli in my chopper and mixed it with rice. TH who doesn’t even like the taste of broccoli, surprisingly liked the dish.  This made me to think of stuffing the chapathi with broccoli, since they are healthier and importantly doesn’t need time to spend for making gravies. I rolled few chapathi as thick and finally tuned to roll it as thin as possible. The thin version is much tastier than the other. But you can try both as per ur wish. Now let’s move the recipe quick!!!

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 2-4 mins