Monday, June 10, 2013

Seeraga Kuzhambu | Jeera Kuzhambu Recipe

I always make sure to add lots of cumin seeds in my recipes. The reason behind is “it helps in digestion” and most importantly it cures the stomach infections. So at least in a month I try to make this kuzhambu for rice.  

This gravy will help you, when u doesn’t have any veggies in hand. I served it on a lazy Saturday with a spoon full of ghee on top along with Appala Kootu which makes the perfect combination.

Preparation time: 5minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes


6-7 shallots
2-3 small tomatoes
1tsp thick tamarind paste
1tsp garlic chopped
1tsp chilli powder
2tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
1tbsp sesame oil
½ tsp vadagam/sun-dried onions (optional)
 To grind
1 ½ tsp grated coconut
¾ tsp cumin seeds/jeera/seeragam
 To temper
½ tsp Sesame oil
¼ tsp fenugreek leaves
Fistful curry leaves


  • In a wok/kadai heat oil, add vadagam if using or add the peeled shallots. Fry till the shallots separates.
  • Add the chopped garlic to it. Fry for some more time.
  • Now add the chopped tomatoes and cook till mushy.
  • Add chilli powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder to it. Mix well.
  • In a bowl dilute the tamarind paste with 1 cup of water. Add the diluted tamarind juice to it.
  • Add another cup of water to the gravy. Cook in medium flame till it forms thick gravy.
  • In a blender grind coconut and cumin seeds into a smooth paste.
  • Add the paste to the boiling gravy.
  • Temper the items given in a pan and add to the gravy.
  • Serve hot with steamed rice.