Tuesday, March 26, 2013



OMG !!! wat is this ??? I made rasmalai smile emoticon i can’t believe. Oh yeah…. This is my very own favourite Indian dessert which I have never compromised. When ever i go to parry’s corner (not the one in France, this is paari-munai in Chennai razz)  I neva missed to go to Agarwal Bhavan.  Oooohhh smile emoticon smile emoticon I would say they have the yummmmiest rasamalai in the world. I always make appa to buy it home for me since he worked near to the place. So mostly I used to have it twice a month. He he smile emoticon how nice!!!

The worst part for me after coming to US, I miss those yummy yummy foods of India. sad So finally I made my mind to make it on my own for holi and also for the event going on in my apt. I searched through the internet and found the recipe. and here it is …..


2 litres of full fat milk
6 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
5-6 cardamom
¾ tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
Few ice cubes
Chopped almonds and pistachios
Saffron strands

To make rabdi

  • In a heavy bottomed vessel add 1 liter of milk. In a low flame allow it boil for some time and reduce it to half i.e. ½ liter (it took half an hour for me)
  • Add 1 cup of sugar and cardamom to it. Let the sugar dissolve completely. Mix occasionally with a whisk. Keep aside

To make sugar syrup

  • In a heavy pan add water, allow it to boil and add another 1 cup of sugar to it.
  • Once the sugar dissolves add few crushed cardamom to it. Keep in mind to increase the flame to high. Don’t let the sugar syrup to be very thick. If it is thick again dilute it in some water and boil for some more time.

To make soft cheese balls

  • In a heavy pan add 1 liter of milk and allow it to boil. Once it is done simmer the stove and add lemon juice or vinegar to it. This will make the milk to curdle.
  • As soon as the milk gets curdle add few ice cubes to stop the curdling process.
  • Take a clean muslin cloth; drain the curdled milk on to it. Tie it nicely and hang it for some more time to drain the whey completely.
  • After 20-30 mins take it and rub it with a clean towel. This makes the cheese to be very soft.
  • Once it is done, make it into small patties and put it in the boiling sugar syrup for 5mins. Cook it with the closed lid.
  • The small patties will fluff in the sugar syrup. Take out and put it in warm water. Keep aside.

How to serve

  • In a serving bowl keep the small fluffed patties and pour some rabdi on it.
  • Decorate it with chopped pistachios and almond.
  • Keep refrigerated and serve chill.