Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bread Masala Omelette - Fast Food Style Bread Omelette

Bread Masala Omelette - Fast Food Style Bread Omelette

I usually make bread omelettes for most of my breakfast and even for dinner. I generally prefer doing different types of omelettes keeping mind dat we shud not get bored of eating the same for all weekdays’ breakfast.  Eggs with onion-tomato gravy or just with chopped onions make a prefect combo for omelettes.

When I was watching a tv show, they showed how do the fast food people make bread omelette. It looks like bread and the omelettes are merged together in the center. So I wanted to try it in my kitchen and here it is…


2 bread slices
2 eggs
2tsp chopped onions
1tsp chopped capsicum/bell peppers
1tsp green chillies (deseeded)
Coriander leaves
Pinch of turmeric powder
Pepper powder 

How I made it

  • Stir fry onions, capsicum and green chillies in a pan and keep aside.

  • In a bowl, beat eggs with a fork. Add turmeric powder and salt to it.
  • Add stir fried veggies to the egg mixture.

  • Spread hot oil in a small pan and pour the egg mixture. Dip both the bread slices on to the egg mixture.  Cook till the edges curl. Flip to the other side and cook for some more time. Fold it carefully
  • Slice it up diagonally and serve hot with tomato ketchup. 


  1. You can skip stir frying process. Just add the chopped veggies with the egg mixture as such.
  2. If needed, you can also spice it up with pepper powder on top.
  3. Avoid using green chillies when serving for kids.
  4. Always beat eggs either with a fork or whisk till it forms froth on it.  This makes the omelettes to be soft and fluffy.
  5. To make it much healthier you can also add some more veggies like carrots, mushrooms, grated paneer or cheese.