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I ve tasted fried rice in most restaurants in Chennai. But I still feel the awesomeness of fast-food egg fried rice….  They ve a spl flavor for the dish… As you all know in fast foods they add vinegar and MSG to enhance the taste. Here is the recipe to do fried rice WITHOUT MSG AND VINEGAR but still it has the taste as like a fast-food.

Source of this recipe is from my amma. You can actually modify the recipe for chicken or mushroom fried rice by adding the ingredients, taking the base as an example. 

Hope you enjoy doing it.  Share your comments if you like it or any suggestions to do with...


1 cup uncooked rice
3-4 Eggs
1 Cup finely chopped vegetables ( u can use Carrots, French beans, Cabbages)
4 Green chillies
5 Garlic cloves
1tsp Soy Sauce
Spring onions  Finely Chopped)
Bell peppers/Capsicum
Cilantro/Coriander Leaves
½ tsp Sugar
Ground Pepper
Pinch of turmeric powder (optional)

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes

How to cook rice

  • I used Basmathi rice for this fried rice.
  • Wash and soak the rice for 10mins.  Either you can use a rice cooker or pressure cooker to cook the rice. For 1 cup of rice add 1 ½ Cups of Water.


In a bowl beat the eggs with some salt and pepper. You can add turmeric powder if needed.
Make a Scramble of eggs with little oil in a pan and keep aside.

Coarsely grind both Green chillies and garlic cloves either in a blender or with a pestle. Keep aside.

In a kadai/Skillet add 3tbsp of oil followed by a pinch of sugar.  Once the sugar dissolves add the greenchillies-garlic mixture.

Once the raw smell goes off add soy sauce followed by the finely chopped vegetables.  Make sure the vegetables are half-cooked. Maintain the crunchiness of the vegetables. (don’t add water)

  • Now simmer the stove and add the cooked rice. Mix the rice completely with the veggies and finally add the scrambled eggs to the rice. Check for salt.
  • Garnish with spring onions and pepper.

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