Friday, May 10, 2013

Strawberry Smoothie

Yippee!!!  Finally I have reached my 50th post. *smile* I must thank everyone for the encouragement and I wish it continues for ever. *smile*
I wanted to post something sweet for my 50th post. Since many of you have asked for some coolers and milkshakes for this hot summer I have planned for uploading a smoothie recipe.*smile*

Before I start, I must tell this… I am not a great fan of fruits. This looks weird!!! Yes I know… Before marriage I will run away from the place when I get a smell of any fruits, especially mangoes and bananas.:( Till now I will not even touch those two fruits. Amma finds so many tricks to feed me fruits in some form… she used to make all juice extracts and I will drink as a tonic…:(( but days rolled on… after knowing all the healthy values of the fruits I have started consuming few fruits, but not mangoes and bananas still!!!

Coming to the recipe, I made strawberry smoothie for TH yesterday and I tried on myself too :P He loved the taste and I used French vanilla ice cream which gives an extra-ordinary taste to the smoothie. *smile*


Milk 1 cup
Strawberries – 5 to 6
Sugar – As needed
1 scoop Vanilla Ice cream
Ice cubes – As needed


  • Wash the strawberries in running water and drain.
  • Slice it and blend it in the blender with the other ingredients together.

  • Serve with the ice cubes and sliced strawberries if desired.