Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beetroot Soup Recipe

Even though I know beetroots are very good for the health, I rarely add in my menu. I don’t know why I hate this lovely vegetable after knowing all this. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you could see just few recipes with beets here. I make beetroot rice when TH not at home, cos he too hates it. This poor vegetable doesn't find any place in my pantry all these days. But here on, am trying to add up the beets to my menu, since I was advised to increase my RBCs. Nowadays I started to take beets by making this soup before my meal and I made it regular in my home. Generally it increases ur appetite and the pepper and cumin in the soup helps in ease digestion of the food taken. Trust me; it can relieve u from bad/sore throat immediately when taken with lots of pepper.

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Preparation time: less than 5mins
Cooking time: around 10mins
Serves 2


2 beetroots (small)
2-3 tsp coarse pepper powder
½ tsp cumin powder (optional)
2 cups of water
Salt (as per taste)
1 tsp oil
¼ tsp mustard
½ tsp cumin seeds
Coriander leaves (to garnish)

How to make it

  • Wash and remove the skin of beets, cut the root and the stem part. Wash twice, since it has lots of dirt.
  • Either pressure cook for 2-3 whistles or just put it in boiling water and cook till soft.
  • Once the beets turn soft, take out and let it cool for some time.
  • Blend it in a blender to a smooth juice with water. I used my juice to blend, hence don’t need of straining. If you need, strain it using a strainer. I don’t prefer strain it, since most of the vitamins would be gone.
  • In a sauce pan heat oil and splutter mustard and cumin. Then add the beet juice.
  • Add cumin powder, pepper powder and salt. Keep for 1-2 minutes.
  • Serve hot with chopped coriander leaves. Top with garlic croutons (if needed)

  1. I used both cumin powder as well as cumin seeds. It is optional for using both.
  2. It is better to add freshly ground coarse pepper powder than the store bought fine ones.