Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kanchipuram Idli | Kancheevaram Idli Recipe | Traditional South Indian Breakfast

Sometimes I run out of recipes to make for dinner. The usual idli and dosa gets boredom and TH needs something special most of the times. Instead of doing the regular idli I tried with the Kanchipuram Idli which amma usually makes for the dinner. This in particular is my appa’s favorite when served with simple coconut chutney.

Kanchipuram idli are much softer than the usual ones since we are adding more of urad dal. Make sure u grind the batter correct. Urad dal must need to be fluffy so that the idli turns beautifully soft. The major ingredient which makes the idli much tastier is the tempering. Peppercorns and cumin are the highlight. Since TH doesn't like whole pepper corns I crushed it a little with my mortar and pestle. Never forget to add the dry ginger powder. If u doesn't have it, never mind, add few pieces of ginger either grated or crushed to the batter. Appa likes the coconut slices which give a crunchy feel in between the idlis. Since TH doesn't like it, I dint add. It’s optional for using coconut slices.

Be more generous in greasing the plates with ghee. It gives an extraordinary flavor to the final product, idli. I served it with carrot coconut (recipe coming soon)

Preparation time: 10 hours (for soaking and fermentation)
Cooking time: 10mins


For the batter
1 cup idli rice
1 cup raw rice (I used sona masoori rice )
1 cup whole urad dal
For tempering
1tsp ghee
1-2 tsp broken cashews
Pinch of asafoetida
2tsp pepper corns
1tsp cumin seeds
Pinch of ginger powder
Curry leaves
Few thin slices of coconut (optional)

How to make it

  • Soak both the rice together for 8hrs or overnight and the urad dal separately for 4-5 hours.
  • Grind the urad dal into smooth batter. It should be fluffy, so add water little by little. Check here for the urad dal consistency.
  • Grind the rice to slight coarse batter. See the pic below for the consistency. Don’t add too much of water, it should be thick. Mix the rice batter along with the urad dal batter and mix salt with it. Keep aside.

  • Keep the batter for fermentation just for 3-4 hours. I made the batter in the morning and made the idlis for the dinner.

  • In a pan heat ghee and temper the items given (except coconut). Add the coconut separately while mixing the tempering with the batter. Mix well.

  • Grease a plate with little of ghee and pour the batter in the greased plate. You can even use the regular idli moulds for doing this. But kanchipuram idlis should be done in a deep plate. I used my baking pan as a mould for doing the idlis.

  • Cook in a kadai filled with water. Insert a knife a check whether it is cooked or not; as like we do for the cakes.