Thursday, June 26, 2014

Naan | Tawa Naan Recipe (Without Yeast)

TH always insists me to make naan. But, I never attempted to make at home, rather I can eat nicely when bought outside. The one thing which prevented me from trying is “Yeast”. I don’t have a good opinion on that, donno why! And I don’t want to buy yeast just for making naan alone. We I went through the internet for naan without yeast, I got some idea on that and tried making naan at home Without Yeast.  

The texture was almost like the way we get in the restaurants. Since I have electric gas, I used my grill rack. If you have a wire mesh, that will also work well. Always use thick curd which is freshly made. Sour curd will spoil the taste of the naan. I used store bought plain yogurt. Give the resting period for the dough to increase its volume. I gave 3 hours; you can even keep the dough for about 5-6 hours in room temperature. If the dough is sticky after the resting time, add some maida on top to make it even.

Please see below for the variations u can make with this recipe. Paneer butter Masala would be a perfect combo for this naan. Give it a try and let me know the reviews.


2 cups of Maida/All purpose flour
¾ tsp Baking powder
¾ tsp cooking soda
½ cup Curd
½ cup Warm milk
1tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
3-4 tsp butter

How to make it

  • In a dry mixing bowl sieve all purpose flour or maida 2 or 3 times to ensure there are no lumps. Add salt sugar, baking powder and cooking soda to the sieved maida. Gently mix together the dry ingredients.

  • Make a small dent in between the flour and add thick curd, warm milk.   After a minute, start mixing the dry and wet ingredients together. Don’t knead the dough very hard. Gently mix with the finger tips. Apply some oil/butter/ghee in the hands to avoid sticking of the dough.

  • Keep the dough covered with a clean cloth for 2-3 hours. Later divide the dough as like we do for chapathi and make shapes as u like. You can make round naan, triangle naan. Shape the dough with the hands, no need to use the rolling pan. Before making the shape dust the rolling board with some maida to avoid sticking.

  • In a hot tawa place the rolled naan and cook as like we do for chapathi. You can even cook by closing with a lid. After 2-3 minute the naan with puff on top. Cook on the other side as well.

  • Now remove the tawa and place the naan on a wire mesh and show on top of the flame directly for quick fraction of seconds to get the brown spots. Keep in mind to minimize the temperature to maximum low at this time.

  •  Serve hot with any subzi.


Butter naan: After taking out, apply butter on top of the naan to get the glossy texture.
Garlic naan: While cooking the naan on the tawa, add chopped garlic on top of the naan and continue with the next steps. You can even apply butter on top of the garlic naan to enhance the flavor.

Coriander naan: as like garlic naan, add chopped coriander leaves on top the naan.
Let me know about ur own variation of naan.  I respect your suggestions and opinion. Please feel free to comment on the box below.