Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creamy Veg Curry for Chapathi | Veg Curry Recipe

So here I come up with another recipe which goes with chapathi, most of the time and also a great combo for poori and naan. It just needs ur patience to slice the veggies thin and it can be done in a jiffy. If u have a chopper, then the work is so simple. Take all the veggies u have in hand. I used carrots, French beans, capsicum and also green peas. I used few Anaheim peppers which I love to use in my recipes. If u don’t find any in ur place, just skip that. This idea struck me when I had extra heavy cream in my refrigerator after using it for Crème Brulee. You can replace the cream with milk too. Even cashew paste works well in replacing it. Just soak the cashews in hot water and grind into a smooth paste. TH just loved this combo with chapathi and he says it tasted like Jalfrezi. Here is the recipe for creamy veg curry.


1 thinly sliced onions
1tsp ginger garlic paste
2 small tomatoes (or) 2tsp tomato paste
1 cup of thinly sliced carrots, beans, capsicum
¼ cup green peas
1 Anaheim peppers thinly sliced (optional)
2 green chillies (sliced)
1 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp coriander powder
½ tsp garam masala
Generous pinch of kasoori methi
3-4 tsp melted butter
1tbsp heavy cream

How to make it

  • In a wok add 1tsp of butter and sauté the veggies. Give a quick stir to maintain the crunchiness. Set aside.

  • In the same wok add rest of the butter and sauté the onions till light golden brown.

  • Add ginger garlic paste and cook for few more minutes.

  • Add cubed tomatoes or tomato paste and mix well. Once the tomatoes turns mushy, add the spice powders (chilli,coriander and garam masala). Reduce the flame to medium and cook for few mins till the spices blend well with the mushy tomatoes. Add salt and check for spiciness.

  •  When the butter starts to ooze out, add the sautéed veggies. Close the lid and cook for 2-3 mins in medium flame.

  • Crush the kasoori methi between ur palm and add to the gravy.

  • Finally add the heavy cream and blend them again.

  • Serve hot with naan/poori/chapathi.