Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sambar Powder Recipe | How to make Sambar Powder | Home-Made Sambar Powder Recipe

Hey there!!! Hope you all are doing well. I know summer has started early and it is time to post few recipes which can be done during this season. Mostly we make use of this hot climate to prepare sun-dried goods. One among them is vadams and fryums. This time I made Sambar powder by myself at home. Generally I used to get it from amma and now I wanted to make it myself. So I got the proportions for a family of two. Amma make the powder in kilo’s since the consumption is more there and she utilize the mill which is near to my home. She used to dry the chillies and coriander seeds in the sun and fry that for a minute. After that she will give it to the mill and it does the job perfectly.

I used my hand mixer to dry powder the mixture and it came out well. So here is the recipe for making sambar powder handy. This powder can be used for making sambar and also can be used in certain gravies to get thick form of gravy and also in making sundals.

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1 cup Dry red chillies
2 cups coriander seeds/dhaniya
1tsp pepper corns
1tsp toor dhal
1tsp chana dhal
½ tsp fenugreek seeds

How to make it

  • Separately dry roast the items given above.
  • Roast red chilies first. Then roast the coriander seeds till it splutters. Add pepper corns and roast for few seconds. Keep in mind to simmer the stove to low flame, as there are chances of the spices to get burnt easily.
  • Roast fenugreek seeds for a while (not too much) till light brown. And also roast the dhal light brown.

  • Keep all the spices in a plate/sheet to cool at room temperature. Once they are completely cooled down, grind it in a dry mixer (no water) to a powder form. If you want, you can sieve the mixture to get finer powder. I like the powder to be coarse.
  • Store the powder in an air tight container. While using for making sambar, use a clean dry spoon and close the container immediately after use. This can be stored in fridge or in room temperature environment. 

A generous pinch of Asafoetida can be included in the recipe. There is no need for roasting it, add while grinding.