Monday, October 21, 2013

Ridge gourd Chutney | Peerkangai Chutney | Peerkangai Thogayal

You will never know to which u ll become addictive. I never used to taste this peerkangai in my life and don’t tried this before even. But when my mom told she made chutney using the outer skin of ridge gourd, I gave a thought of trying it at my home. I asked for the recipe from her and replicated it in my kitchen. Here in US it is very tough to get Indian vegetables at the local market. So I need to travel thirty miles to get the veggies. Once I went to the Indian market I purposefully got one and tried the next day. I just loved it when I had with the simple sambar. It will be a taste savior when had at the times of nausea. 

Preparation time: less than 5 mins
Cooking time: less than 5 mins


1 ridge gourd (peerkangai)
2 tsp urad dal
3-5 red chillies
Marble sized tamarind
1-2 tsp grated coconut
½ tsp mustard seeds
Pinch of asafoetida
Few curry leaves

How to make it

  • Wash and scrap the outer skin of ridge gourd. Chop the skin part alone into small pieces.
  • In a pan roast urad dal and red chillies with little of oil till light golden brown.  Keep aside.

  • In the same pan heat little of oil again and sauté the ridge gourd till the raw smell of it leaves. Add the tamarind ball as such and sauté a little.

  • Cool the mixture to room temperature.
  • Add the ridge gourd, tamarind, red chillies and coconut to the blender with no water and blend them into a fine paste.

  • Finely add the urad dal to the paste (chutney) and grind coarsely.
  • Transfer to a serve bowl and temper with mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves on top.

  1. You can either grind the urad dal coarsely or smooth.
  2. Make this chutney with the outer skin of ridge gourd and make kootu using the rest.